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Bonjour, I’m Joseph. I have been writing about my life experiences and anything that I feel is worth sharing. I have by this time visited almost all the countries in the continent and I am totally in love. I might move to some other continent in some time. But, the experience Asia has been to me is unforgettable.

About Asia

Asia is the biggest continent both by size and population and is the home to a huge diversity of culture and ethnicity. The continent is divided into six parts: North Asia, East Asia, Southeast Asia, South Asia, West Asia and Central Asia. Each of these six parts has its own set of cultures, religions and historic importance.

Things You Can Learn in Asia

Little Asians – tiny oriental girls from Asia visiting America.

Little Asians
Little Asians

Little Asians is surely a porn series that’s going to fit here. With all these tiny bodies of innocent girls from Asia you simply cannot resist. Watch them taking first steps in the American adult entertainment industry and approaching hung alpha males. These guys hand-picked the very best of oriental beauties so you can be sure quality will be top! Click here and visit the official video website.

A place where models show you their personal way of having fun – Model Time

ModelTime.org - Official WebsiteModel Time project is a new one. It started in 2020 and it features only the very best of personal videos made by models themselves. There is no directors, no scripts and definitely no plan how the video should look like. What matters the most is the final effect. And it’s all up to these models. Want to see their struggle with providing you with some quality content? Visit the official website.

Streaming Series – Popular in Asia Right Now!

Boy For Sale Series

Boy For Sale – unique secret place in the Internet where fictional auctions leads to purchase of slave boys. This fantasy series features some wealthy men using their economic ways to feed intimate desire.

Doghouse Digital

Doghouse Digital – are you ready to experience some of the best European fun? Doghouse is known for bringing you the very best of genres that cater to today’s audience. Explore new things, indulge yourself in your favorite ones. It’s all in here!


Jockpussy – explore the fine world of transboys and follow their FTM transitions. They are about to become real men thanks to their partners who happen to have dominant needs.

Modern-day Sins Logo

Modern-day Sins – all about sinning these days. If you thought 7 deadly sins are just an ancient forgotten law then you need to see today’s interpretation of it. Featuring the society’s most intimate and private fetishes. Now in broad light.

GenderX Films

GenderX Films – all the best transgender models have to offer in taboo fantasy episodes. Watch them have ultimate fun with all other genders as they aim to please and be pleased!

Hot and Mean of Brazzers

Hot and Mean – Brazzers comes up with the idea of meany lesbians and they do it the way it should be done. Watch girl/girl actions in really naughty interpretation.

Filthy Family

Filthy Family – if you want to see how some fantasy families function then you really need to check this one. Watch step family members engage in some dubious fun, with little to no regrets!

Rocco Siffredi - Official Home

Rocco Siffredi – welcome to the new home of the Italian Stallion where all his current and upcoming productions are placed. See him and his crew in ultimate adventures where pleasure is the goal.

My Dirty Maid

My Dirty Maid – ending up with dirty face is part of the process of cleaning… not particularly house but still! Watch girls hard at work dusting and polishing all kind of poles!

Thought Of The Day

“Asia being the biggest continent caught my fancy

since it had a huge number of places I could visit…”







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