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Bonjour, I’m Joseph. I have been writing about my life experiences and anything that I feel is worth sharing. I have by this time visited almost all the countries in the continent and I am totally in love. I might move to some other continent in some time. But, the experience Asia has been to me is unforgettable.

About Asia

Asia is the biggest continent both by size and population and is the home to a huge diversity of culture and ethnicity. The continent is divided into six parts: North Asia, East Asia, Southeast Asia, South Asia, West Asia and Central Asia. Each of these six parts has its own set of cultures, religions and historic importance.

Things You Can Learn in Asia

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Little Asians

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Thought Of The Day

“Asia being the biggest continent caught my fancy

since it had a huge number of places I could visit…”

Some Countries in Asia








Asia is a very big continent and is full of many unique features. The continent has every type of terrain and every type of climate. Since there is such large ethnic diversity, there are a lot of facts that are astounding and should be known by everyone.


Most of the countries in Asia are well developed and are tourist friendly, so transportation is never a problem. There are active airports, trains and bus services to almost all the places. The cost of visiting most of the countries in the Asian continent is also not that high.

Articles About Asia

Frenchman Crosses The Eastern Frontier

In March the year 2017, a Frenchman was abducted in Chad. His kidnappers took him to the Darfur region in Sudan. The government of France worked hard to ensure that the man was finally rescued. They collaborated with Sudan and Chad in an effort to succeed in the mission. The plans finally bore fruit when […]

Asian Cultures That Will Thrill Westerners

When it comes to festivals, Internet and other unique activities that Asian people do daily, we present you things you should know before visiting any of them. Culture shock can be quite funny once you get to know (for example) their most popular website these days – PieForFamily 🙂

Asian Errands That Left Me Amazed

Asian Errands That Left Me Amazed Asia is a very different continent in every aspect, be it the geography, the history, the culture or the people. Countries and people in Asia are very different from the rest of the world. While visiting Asia, I found out that there are many habits or the ways to […]

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