A Collection Of Mouthwatering Asian Foods


Asia is a huge continent with many countries that are each unique in their own way in terms of culture, religion and food. It is very difficult to actually make a list of mouth watering dishes from this area because there are so many delicacies that have to be mentioned in the list of must try dishes from this continent. Here is a really good attempt at listing some of the dishes that are simply the best and are served in more than one country with little or no variations.

1.     Satay

Satay is eaten in almost all the countries of Asia and everywhere it is nothing but mouth watering. It is known by different names or spellings in each country and the flavors too but it remains the same at the core; meat on the stick, roasted over charcoal or open fire. In Muslim countries in the continent, the meat is usually chicken or beef. In non-Muslim cultures, the mean can be chicken, goat, pork and beef. In various countries like Thailand and Malaysia it is very common to find organ satays or exotic meat. Almost everywhere satays are served with different types if dips and in some places with rice.

2.     Sushi

Sushi is world famous and it needs no introduction to the fact that it is from Asia. Sushi is considered a high class delicacy in Asia and is served in high end restaurants in almost all the countries. Everywhere you go, Sushi is the same raw fish wrapped in seaweed wrappers and served with soy sauce and rice but the flavors vary and each one is awesome. When in Asia, do not forget to ask for a cup of Ocha with your Sushi.

3.     Chicken Curry

Chicken curry has become an international dish and is mostly recognized as an Indian dish while in reality, this dish is eaten in every country of Asia and that too with a twist in taste. The difference in taste and looks is mainly because of the different types of ingredients and spices used in each region. But it goes without saying that each version is amazingly delicious and can leave you asking for more. In some countries chicken curry is extremely spicy while in others it is slow cooked in mild spices and exotic ingredients like coconut milk. So, when in Asia, you will be spoiled for choices when it comes to choosing a chicken curry from the various cultures in the continent.

4.     Dim Sum

Chinese dishes are loved in every Asian country and it won’t be wrong to say that each country in this continent have personalized various dishes as their own. Dim Sum is one such dish that is eaten in every country in Asia with some local twists in terms of flavors. Dim Sums are little packets full of flavors which take their name from a Cantonese phrase meaning ‘a little token’. The fillings in these little tokens can go from spicy minced pork to tangy vegetables and each version is served with lip smacking and spicy Chinese dips.

5.     Spring Rolls

Spring rolls are basically rolled pastries that are fill all kinds of stuffing’s like cooked meat, vegetables, tofu and so much more. This fired delicacy is made in almost all the countries and it is believed that Vietnamese spring rolls are the best. Yes, they are made everywhere from China to Singapore to India and each one is different in taste. You have to try these rolls before you bid adieu to the beautiful Asia. 

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