Asian Errands That Left Me Amazed


Asian Errands That Left Me Amazed

Asia is a very different continent in every aspect, be it the geography, the history, the culture or the people. Countries and people in Asia are very different from the rest of the world. While visiting Asia, I found out that there are many habits or the ways to run errands by the people that are unique in themselves. Some of the daily living conditions and the ways to run errands in Asia are as follows:

You Can Hire Someone to Help You Avoid Traffic

In China, if you are somehow stuck in traffic and have to reach at some place on time, then you can hire a person to help you with it. There are companies that you can call and they send you a person on a bike to pick you up from the respective car and also send a person to sit in the car in your place.

The Trains Are Always Over Crowded

“These small enclosures have been their houses for a long time.”

The local trains in Mumbai are the most preferred transport method and hence you will never find them empty. At some stations, it gets so crowded that getting in and out of the train is a task in itself. Same is the case in Japan. Sometimes the trains get so crowded that the staff has to be called to cram the people in the coaches.

35 Million Chinese Still Live in Caves

Due to the poverty, more than thirty five million Chinese people live in caves. These small enclosures have been their houses for a long time and the government is making plans to get them a proper living space.

The Transport is Boat

There are many places in Kerala, India where the only mode of transportation is a boat. The houses are situated on the river banks and to go from one house to another, you need to travel through the water. There are no roads and everyone has a boat.

Smartphone Addicts

The people addicted to smartphones in China have been given their own side of the road with special symbols so that the other people are able to clearly identify the paths and do not get into accidents.

“It is very important to use excessive air conditioning for the buildings to keep them put.

Everything Has to be Cooled

In Dubai the temperature rises to about 120 degrees and it is very important to use excessive air conditioning for the buildings to keep them put because in such heat anything would melt. There are vertical cooling systems used by the people that spray water on the buildings to keep them cool.

Free Tissues

It is very common for people to hand out tissues with the company’s advertisements on them, this is a little shocking for the non-residential folks like me.

Chewing Gum

Chewing gum is banned in Singapore and if you are caught doing it, you need to have a solid medical reason to prove its necessity. You can only chew gum as a prescription. If you are unable to show evidence, you are charged.