Amazing Fun Facts about Asia for Kids

Asia is a very big continent and is full of many unique features. The continent has every type of terrain and every type of climate. Since there is such large ethnic diversity, there are a lot of facts that are astounding and should be known by everyone.

Largest Continent

Asia is the largest continent in the world having the land area of over 45,036,490 square kilometers. The total number of countries on the continent are 48. Some of the biggest countries are India and China. The huge size of the continent has 30% of the world’s total land and borders Africa, Pacific Ocean and Europe.

Highest Mountain

The highest mountain Mt Everest is present in Asia on the border between China and Nepal. The peak is located at a height of about 7300 meters. Many mountain climbers have attempted to climb Everest and only some of them have been successful. It is located on the one of the world’s biggest mountain range, The Himalayan Range.


There is a huge diversity of language in the Asian continent. There are more than 400 spoken languages in the continent. India in itself has more than 30 spoken languages, Indonesia 12. The Mandarin, Arabic, English and Hindi are some of the major languages of the continent.


The world’s two most populated countries India and China are situated in the continent. The total population of the Asian countries combined is more than the rest of the world’s population.

The population of China is the highest with 1.35 billion people followed by India with 1.22 billion people and then Indonesia 250 million and Bangladesh 163 billion.

These numbers are enough to see what the population of the rest of the countries would be. 7 of the ten most densely populated cities are present in Asia including Beijing, Istanbul, Delhi, Mumbai, Karachi, Shanghai and Guangzhou.

Regional Diversity

The continent has stunning natural landmarks. From the huge stretch of desert and the middle east or the huge Himalayan mountain region between India and china, all kind of terrains and climates can be found. Siberia is extremely cold whereas Iraq and Iran are excessively hot. There is the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean. Let’s take India for example. Some parts of the country are warm and have desert terrain whereas some have mountains with snow, some are tropical rainforests and some coastlines.

Oldest Human Civilization

Some of the Oldest Human civilizations including The Indus Valley Civilizations are found in the continent. The Mesopotamian civilization that is 7000 years old were also in the Asian Continent. Some of the most developed ancient cities like the Harappa and Mohenjo-Daro have been found near India and Pakistan.


With the huge diversity in terrain comes the diversity in flora and fauna. The animals like Bengal Tiger, Asian Elephant, Panda, King Cobra, Yak, Komodo Dragon, Reticulate Python and Indian Rhinoceros are found exclusively in Asia.


The world’s 9 tallest buildings are present in Asia. The tallest building Burj Khalifa is in Dubai. The second tallest is the Shanghai Tower. Most of the buildings are located in China and Hong Kong. There are some buildings that are still being constructed so, there is a possibility that in the coming years all the 10 tallest buildings are in Asia.

India Produces 12 Million Mangoes Yearly

India is the largest producer of mangoes in the world. Due to its tropical climate, there is a huge variety of mangoes produced in India. Mango is India’s national fruit and it produces over 12 million mangoes in a year that are exported all over the world.

Japan has the biggest population of the oldest people and is illegal to be fat

In Japan it is illegal to be fat. This means that any man or a woman cannot have a waist more than 33.5 and 35.5 inches respectively. There is no punishment but you need to take healthy measures in order to bring down your weight. This is the reason that Japan has the most population of old age people. The healthy lifestyle has increased the life expectancy in Japanese people.

There are over 50,000 people in Japan who are of age 100 or older. They are the second oldest country in the world after Monaco.

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