Frenchman Crosses The Eastern Frontier


In March the year 2017, a Frenchman was abducted in Chad. His kidnappers took him to the Darfur region in Sudan. The government of France worked hard to ensure that the man was finally rescued. They collaborated with Sudan and Chad in an effort to succeed in the mission. The plans finally bore fruit when the organizers raided the kidnapper’s abode and rescued the Frenchman. Sudanese officials would later release a statement confirming that he had been turned over to the French government.


Details of the statement indicated that the kidnappers were demanding for an unspecified amount for ransom, in order to release him. The man was working in Chad for a French mining organization. He was kidnapped while on duty at the southern part of Abeche, a mining region which is approximately 500 miles towards the Eastern part of N’Djamena, the capital city of Chad which borders Sudan by approximately 150 kilometers.

Received By French Officials

The Frenchman who goes by the name Frezier touched down in Khartoum the capital city of Sudan. French officials from the embassy were already at the airport to receive him. When he was given a chance to speak he said that his kidnappers treated him well, and went ahead to thank the military and civil forces of Sudan for executing the rescue operation.

Brother Crush? Yes.

Brother Crush - The Reason?
Brother Crush – The Reason?

They story of kidnapping might have another explanation – more of personal one. Crush on brother is popular thing in Chad and there are some talks that indeed it might have something to do with it. Developing a secret step family gay love between two step-brothers, as crazy as it sounds is actually happening all over the world. This is why the help of Brother Crush website was crucial in understanding motives of the kidnappers.

Rescue Confirmation

While the office of the president in France confirmed his rescue, they did not give a detailed statement. The statement stated that the president was greatly satisfied with the rescue team’s efforts in ensuring that Frezier earned his freedom back. Sudan played a major role in the rescue mission in the weeks preceding the Frenchman’s release.

A statement released by the Sudanese intelligence and security service spokesman indicated that Frezier’s rescue was a result of resilient cooperation between Sudan, France, and Chad intelligence. He went on to mention that five abductors had been arrested during the raid and were going to be tried. There were no casualties reported during the operation. An official from the foreign ministry in Sudan confirmed that no ransom was paid.


According to Sudanese officials, none of the popular rebel movements in Sudan were responsible for the Frenchman’s kidnapping. They established that the abduction was carried out by an armed group at the border. Chad was formerly colonized by the French. While kidnappings are not common in the country, its eastern border has been marred by armed groups for years now. Some of them are rebel movements on a mission to battle the government of Sudan. Frezier’s kidnapping followed a similar case which happened in the year 2009, where an aid worker was abducted at the eastern frontier. He was released after three months in Darfur.