A Complete Guide to Asia

From the huge Himalayan Mountains to the beautiful Indian Ocean. From the Great Arabian desert to the tropical rain forests in India, Asia has a lot to offer in every term. The landscapes, the culture, food, ethnicity, languages and much more. There is no better place to experience every natural phenomenon. The deserts in the middle eastern parts, both the Gobi Desert and the Arabian deserts stretch up to reach the beautiful mountainous regions of the Himalayas that lead you to some very dense forests. The lower you come, you are introduced to the fertile plains and the pastures with animals roaming freely. In the end, you reach the coastal areas with a huge marine flora and fauna.

“Every region has its native cuisine and every cuisine is delicious.”

The food is as different and varied as the geography. Every region has its native cuisine and every cuisine is delicious. India is famous for its curries and spices whereas China has its own dumplings and noodles. Thailand has it amazing Thai food which is mostly sea food. There is no better place to experience the rich food culture than Asia. The Middle East is known for their dishes like chicken and beef cooked in a special stove known as the tandoor. From the local eateries on the roadside to the high end restaurants offering fine dining, Asia has it all.

Asia has been the home to two very old civilizations, the Indus Valley Civilization and the Mesopotamian Civilizations. So, we know how old is the culture of this continent. The traces of these civilizations are still being discovered day by day. Some of the oldest humans named Aryans were from Asia and are the ancestors of many races in the world.

The temperature in the Asian countries can be very varied. If you go to the higher altitudes, the temperatures are very low.

There is snow and in the nights the temperatures drop down to negatives. If you are going down East, then you will get hotter climates because of the deserts or the tropical regions. The coastal areas have moderate temperatures. It is very difficult to generalize the climatic conditions of the continent because each region has a varied terrain and hence a different climate.

“Countries like India has monuments like Taj Mahal.”

The Continent is the house to some of the most important ancient monuments and beautiful places in the whole world. Countries like India has monuments like Taj Mahal, the beautiful city of Jodhpur, Mumbai, Goa, Jammu and Kashmir that are worth visiting. Then the largest country China which is the largest country in Asia has the Great Wall of China, The Terracotta Army, Forbidden City, Potala, Jiuzhaigou, Temple of Heaven, Beijing, Shanghai and much more. Cambodia is the house to many historic temples and monuments like  Angkor Wat, Bayon, Royal Palace, Angkor Thom, Banteay Srei and much more. Mount Fuji in Japan is one of the most famous dormant volcanoes in the world. Apart from that, there are temples like Senso-Ji, Kinkaku-Ji and the capital city Tokyo that is worth a visit.

Nepal is another beautiful country situated in the laps of the Himalayas. Kathmandu is the most famous tourist destination in Nepal. The beauty of Nepal is mainly unexplored but there are a huge number of ancient temples and beautiful sceneries that must be visited.

The Himalayas are the biggest mountain ranges in the world and Mount Everest is the highest peak in the Himalayan range. Abu Dhabi and Dubai are the best desert experience a tourist can have.

Most of the countries in Asia are well developed and are tourist friendly, so transportation is never a problem. There are active airports, trains and bus services to almost all the places in the continent. The cost of visiting most of the countries in the Asian continent is also not that high. But the middle eastern countries like Abu Dhabi and Dubai have a higher cost of living so, you will have to spend some good amount of money while traveling here. The hotels are easily found and the people in most countries are tourist friendly. The hotels usually arrange all the activities for you but there are some places where you will have to make your own arrangements.

Asia is one of the best travel destinations in the world and nothing can beat that.

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